Sunday, October 5, 2008

Attic Demo

The house has a full walk up attic. It was converted into a "bedroom". The walls were covered with 70s ugly wood paneling. The floors were covered with the same ugly indoor/outdoor carpet that was in most of the house when I moved in. I decided to UN-finish the attic and put it back to original. I stripped the wood paneling and carpet. I found most of the treasures in the attic, including the best one, an old tin toy car probably from the 20s.


  1. That car is really great. I hope I find such fun stuff!

  2. That car is the coolest old-home treasure I've ever seen!!!

  3. The rolling of the car must be symbolic-- you liberated it!

  4. we are currently purchasing a four square built in 1920 that looks a lot like yours. Same roof line, no dormer, and same porch style. It seems like there were stairs to the third floor of our house too but no longer there. I was wondering where your attic stairs were located? In the house we are buying the stairs are on the left as you walk through the front door and go up 2-3 steps then turn right and then go up about 7 steps and then turn right again about 5 steps. At the top of the 7 steps there is a door that appears to be original and it leads to a closet but seems out of place. Might have been a back stairs to kitchen?

    1. Sounds like the interior layout is different. My stairs are in between the living room and the kitchen. You walk in the front door, go through the living room, and the stairs are on the left. There is a landing and a 180 deg turn to get to the top. Then at the top, you turn left to enter the hallway toward the bathroom at the end. But immediately to the left is the doorway for the attic stairs. Directly across from that is the "useless closet". I have a closet that goes deep instead of left to right. Completely useless. I have no idea what you'd use it for. I plan to incorporate it into the master closet. So all the staircases are on the left side of my house, if you were looking from the street.