Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Exterior Restoration Work Plan

This is an overview of everything involved in the exterior restoration process of my house.
  • Remove aluminum siding.
  • Pull staples (which held aluminum) from wood siding.
  • Remove and replace cedar shake siding on front of porch.
  • Replace porch lattice. 
  • Replace or repair rotted wood.
  • Replace split clapboard.
  • Fill or repair large holes and damaged areas with Abatron.
  • Remove gutters in order to strip aluminum and prime behind them.
  • Remove all exterior cables and wires (to be run internally). 
  • Demolish vestibule.
  • Have matching side railing custom milled to reach front wall after vestibule demo. Prime, assemble, and install.
  • Repair ends of every window sill which were lopped off to accommodate aluminum siding.
  • Replace all drip caps above windows/doors which were also lopped off for aluminum siding.
  • Research and fabricate all trim which was removed from peaks and columns to accommodate aluminum siding.
  • Strip paint from porch ceiling.
  • Repair rotted wood in porch roof.
  • Replace rotted v-groove porch ceiling boards.
  • Refinish porch ceiling.
  • Strip paint from original clapboard siding.
  • Sand all siding.
  • Wash siding with TSP and rinse.
  • Allow siding to dry to less than 15% moisture content.
  • Prime with Sherwin Williams oil based exterior wood primer.
  • Clean aluminum gutters and downspouts, prime with metal primer. Reinstall.
  • Strip and refinish front door.
  • Replace side door and surrounding trim with period style wood door.
  • Replace exterior lights with period style.
  • Sand, repair, and paint porch floor.
  • Replace removed and closed off rear balcony door from bathroom with period door.
  • Replace removed balcony rails with custom milled period-matching rails.
  • Install period authentic rear door.
  • Possibly replace removed and closed off rear bathroom window with custom double hung matching wood window.
  • Remove aluminum triple track storm windows.
  • Strip paint from window jambs.
  • Disassemble and completely restore original wood window sashes, adding weather stripping.
  • Install custom built wood period matching storm windows with correct hardware.
  • Fill staple and nail holes with putty.
  • Lightly sand exterior, wash with TSP, and apply 2nd coat of primer.
  • Caulk all vertical seams in siding/trim.
  • Paint with high quality latex paint, applying historic color scheme.
  • Tuck pointing repairs to brick columns, foundation, and chimney with matching color mortar.
  • Total tear off of existing roofing materials. Repairs to wood. New slate and copper roof. (eventually)
  • Install copper gutters. (eventually)


  1. Roofs designed with sustainability in mind go beyond cost considerations, incorporating energy efficiency, the impact that the roof will have on the environment, and maintenance and renewal requirements over the life of the building.

    1. You are absolutely right. A slate roof will pay for itself if you intend to stay in the house. It will last forever and looks 1000x better than ugly asphalt shingles. I have recently selected a slate roofer and hope to begin work in the next month or so. There will probably be a blog post about it in the upcoming months.