Saturday, October 5, 2013

Unopened 1915 Lightbulbs

I love finding old treasures. And the best place to find them in this house is in the attic. Lately, I've been cleaning the attic because my new slate roof is going to be installed in a couple weeks. Today I discovered these! Two unopened boxes of 1915 light bulbs. They were both underneath the floorboards. Amazingly, they survived the leaky section of roof, the mice, and the pigeons that used to live up there.

They were apparently made by Shelby Lamps, which was owned by General Electric. I just found that Shelby has a museum in Shelby, Ohio. Here is some info from their site:
In 1912, General Electric built a large production facility in Nela Park, Cleveland, Ohio and began absorbing many of the smaller lamp companies. Shelby's "Lamp works" continued to manufacture lamps until 1914, when they too, were acquired by General Electric. The "Mazda" and "Shelby" names and trademarks continued to be used at the Nela Park, Cleveland facility, because the Shelby name was widely known for quality.


  1. Wow. That's quite a find! Glad to hear you're putting a slate roof on your house-

  2. I think you cold sell them on Ebay and make a bundle. check it out.