Friday, December 6, 2013

Hidden Chimney

This week the roofers found a hidden chimney (which makes 3 original chimneys) that had been removed from the roof-line up. It runs right along the inside of the fireplace chimney, with a separate flue. It has been blocked off on the inside. It is completely separate from the fireplace chimney which runs up the outside of the house. This hidden one is right alongside it but just INSIDE the exterior wall of the house, with the wall separating the two. I had no idea what it could have been.

It doesn't appear to have stopped in the attic (to be used to heat a finished attic).
It doesn't seem like there was ever a fireplace in my bedroom -there is a bump out in my bedroom where the chimney runs down the wall, but the plaster appears to be original (I removed the baseboard to check).
It couldn't go down to the basement because the firebox of the fireplace would prevent it from going down any further.

If it was the original chimney for the fireplace, why did they build another one?
And if the original one fell down, why not rebuild on the existing footprint?
The bricks of the current chimney appear to be original (except above the roof line because it has probably been rebuilt at some point, which is normal at this age).
And in my picture from 1955, the chimney looks exactly the same as it does now. It had already been closed off and removed in 1955.

Then I decided it must have been for a wood/coal burner in the bedroom. There was probably a hole, higher up the wall, where the stove pipe went into the chimney. I looked closer at the plaster in the bedroom and about 5' up there has definitely been some plaster repair work done.  Not as exciting as a fireplace in the bedroom, but the flue wasn't big enough for a fireplace. If there had originally been a fireplace in the bedroom, I would have it rebuilt, but I don't think it's worth it for a wood burner.

I still haven't found the clean-out for it. That's probably where the bag of money is hidden.


  1. I love reasoning out these mysteries. Your working theory sounds like a good one.

  2. Interesting... in our old house we also have two chimneys right on top of each other, one fireplace was in the living room and the other was in the basement. I am not sure how they were routed, but the fireplaces did exist in roughly the same spot, but on different floors.

  3. Our two chimney's were for the fireplace in the foyer and in the basement for the original boiler system. Unfortunately, the one for the basement was leaking in the roof and on the second floor so we removed it to below the roof line and repaired the slate roof. Problem fixed. So we removed the plaster covering the chimney in the dining room and will leave the brick as a focal point. :) Problem solved. At least temporarily.