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During the demo of the semi-finished attic, I've come across a lot of interesting little "treasures." The most notable being the tin toy car I found in the attic. I found out from an antique toy expert that it was made in the 1920s and is called a Hill Climber. I believe it was purposely planted there so that it would be discovered during a later renovation. It was right behind some very old wallboard that had been used to "finish" the attic walls. It came rolling at me as soon as I removed the wallboard and scared the crap out of me.

I also found a whole pad of "Extra Order Slips" from The Cloverdale Dairy Co. These would probably have been what you would have given your milkman to let him know how much milk to deliver and how often. I later acquired a matching milk bottle from the Cloverdale Dairy Co. of Cleveland. The date slot on the form is "191_" indicating they were used from 1910-1919.

There was a black and white wedding photo which I came to find out was the wedding photo of the 2nd owners of the house, who owned it the longest, beginning 7 years after it was built.

I found an old gelatin box and 2 unopened boxes of 1915 Edison light bulbs.


  1. Wow, those are all fantastic finds!

    I always think it exciting to get a glimpse of previous owners' lifes by finding things they left behind.

    Best wishes from Germany

  2. This is so neat! We bought a 1914 craftsman in Washington this Feb and while we haven't found any treasures so far (well, besides "rodent treasures" in the basement) we are keeping our eyes peeled for things like you found in your attic.

  3. Keep looking Eva. Most of this stuff was found in the attic. My attic flooring doesn't go all the way to the walls, so most of this had fallen into the wall cavities over the years, where I dug it out. There is probably a lot more that I can't reach. I want an xray machine to look inside my walls w/o destroying the plaster. I'm still looking for the bag of money...


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