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North Side Restoration

The north side was pretty straight forward. Because it is the side with the driveway, I was able to put the wheels on the scaffolding and roll it back and forth, which made everything really easy.

The procedure was the same as with the other sides. I stripped all the paint with the paint shaver and heat gun. I replaced all the drip caps and window sill edges. I sanded everything with 80 grit sandpaper, washed with TSP, and primed with oil based primer.

The only unique architectural feature to this side of the house is the milk door. I made some repairs to the door itself and replaced the brass butterfly hinges and latch. It will be permanently caulked shut for efficiency purposes. The interior side of the milk door was gone and drywalled over when I moved in.

Also, planned for this side of the house is the removal of the steel door someone put on. It will be replaced with a historically accurate side door and trim.