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Drip Cap and Sill Edge Replacement

Two of the things ruined during the installation of aluminum siding are the drip caps above each door/window and the edges of each window sill. I had to have these custom milled by a local lumber yard. Finding the right profile is a bit of a challenge since I only had part of the original. I was able to find the right profile for the drip caps and had them custom milled in Cyprus. I primed all sides of them before cutting to length and installing. For the window sills, I had to cut a large chunk out of the middle of an existing window sill, cut it only as deep as the window sill edges are, and have long lengths of it custom milled in Cyprus, then cut each end individually for installation. I first coated all the edges in Abatron liquid wood to eliminate any chance of future rot due to my fear of water penetrating this seam.


  1. Did you use metal flashing at all to protect the drip cap, or just primed and painted?

    1. No metal. I'm keeping everything original. I primed all sides of the drip cap before installing.

  2. I'm dealing with the same exact thing. This was a great post. Excellent work!

  3. I'm dealing with the same issue. Thanks for posting!


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