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South Side Restoration

The South side of the house was the simplest side to restore, yet the most difficult to access. The scaffolding just barely fits between the house and my fence and could not be moved once installed. So I'd have to dissemble it and reassemble it if I needed to move over. It did not fit at all in the area forward of the chimney, so that all had to be done on a ladder. Aside from that, very straight forward. There was a bunch of coax cable going to various bedrooms, I yanked all that out. I hate seeing exposed wiring on the outside of the house. And there was actually a pvc pipe going all the way from the basement up to the attic, with wiring within, as their way of running wiring to the attic. That had to go. Then it was the standard procedure. Strip the paint, replace the window sill edges and drip caps, repair clapboard, sand, wash, prime, caulk.


  1. It looks amazing! Is there only one side left, or two? I know there was the front, the dormer, and one side done...

    I'm also curious to know what the plan for the porch ceiling will be. White? Blue? Natural wood?

    1. I'm working on the final side now, the rear. I will post about it soon. I have got the entire 2nd floor stripped, repaired, sanded, and ready for primer, if it'd ever stop raining. Then onto the first floor. I also am restoring a balcony that had been closed off (rails removed, door closed off).

      The porch ceilings here were originally stained and varnished v-groove in Fir I believe it is. I have mostly stripped it. But there are issued with the porch roof and that needs to be addressed before I can finish the ceiling. I hopefully will have my new slate roof soon. Then maybe I can squeeze in the porch ceiling project at the end of this season. I will refinish it.


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